Houseboat Kerala

BOTEL is a solar powered, hi- tech-luxurious houseboat made of steel, which is also environmental friendly in all the aspects.  Environmental friendliness provides a conscientious joy while experiencing all the pleasures of luxury and BOTEL is designed and engineered to provide the same.

BOTEL is an indigenous houseboat with an unusual facet including great interiors and eco friendly features. It is the first houseboat in India, made of steel, protected using a technique called “Cathodic Protection” that assists in keeping the vessel safe from corrosion. Another exclusive feature is that, this houseboat is unsinkable because of the buoyancy chambers fitted in it. It is designed giving priority to the comfort of the visitors.

It blends the state-of-the-art features by merging the aesthetics of traditional architecture, coupled with style and comfort. It is designed incorporating the double deck system. It provides comfortable and luxurious air conditioned rooms which are spacious enough that enables a visitor to work, read, meditate, relax or anything. The upper deck has a feature of conference-cum-dining room.

An exceptional feature that BOTEL possesses is that it has a two way passage compared to any other houseboats that has only a single passage. This uniqueness allows the cruiser to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the backwaters from either side of the houseboat, unlike as in other houseboats.

In BOTEL, one will find an extremely hygienic kitchen, where one can enjoy a wide variety of food and beverages. Also you get to relish the best of seafood that will linger on your taste buds forever. BOTEL helps you unwind yourself - rejuvenates your body and soul as it provides facilities of steam bath and ayurvedic treatment. BOTEL has a centralized music system that enables you to enjoy the panoramic view of the exotic backwaters to the tunes of your favorite music. Even in the midst of the vast stretch of backwater of alappuzha, you can always stay globally connected by means of the 24-hrs internet facility provided in BOTEL.

BOTEL is a very safe option to enjoy the scenic beauty of the backwaters with life jackets, life buoys, inflatable rafts, fire fighting equipments and other life saving accessories compared to any other houseboat. BOTEL is eco friendly in its approach as it is a solar-powered houseboat, thus aids in preserving Mother Nature. Also it has a well equipped and efficient garbage management system to store and dispose the food and plastic waste, instead of discharging the sewage into the backwaters directly.

These features make BOTEL exceptionally, matchless in the houseboat industry.

When comfort and technology is merged, BOTEL is formed. BOTEL is an amalgamation of a variety of unique characteristics. It’s designed by a group of internationally recognized Naval architects who developed this eco friendly design with no compromise made on stability and strength.

BOTEL – A Magical Experience.....