Houseboat Kerala

Botel - Unsinkable Steel Houseboat, Kerala

BOTEL is a scientifically designed, unsinkable steel houseboat with unique attributes converging safety with luxury for a perfect getaway. Compared to a traditional houseboat, it’s the first of its kind in Kerala. It is a novel idea introduced by Aries Marine - UAE’s largest Ship Designing Consultancy, to revolutionize the houseboat industry of Kerala. BOTEL – is the abbreviation of Backwater Operated Tourist Entertainment Launch.

Why to choose a Houseboat on your Kerala trip?

Houseboats have become the ultimate ways to be in the midst of Nature. With land and greenery on either sides, water below, the sky above and the all experiencing Human in between, provides a surreal, spiritual connection with the all encompassing, ever protecting Nature. Houseboats also provide the materialistic luxuries of comfort and great food while cruising. And here our Kerala Houseboat - BOTEL takes the cruiser to the next level of these luxuries by providing the best of the best quality, and extreme safety.

One of the best ways to experience the magical charm of Kerala is to take a houseboat cruise through the backwaters. Any visitor to Kerala will have in his itinerary, a luxurious cruise on a house boat.

The Best things are to be found in the Best of surroundings and that is why our houseboat BOTEL takes you in and around the golden streak of land in the Kerala state of India, which is traditionally known as the Venice of the East, the water networked district of Alappuzha ( It is also known as Alleppy).

The pristine backwaters of Alappuzha have been the venue for the globally renowned snake-boat race, promoted by the tourism department of Kerala. The event is witnessed by millions of people all over the world who touchdown Alappuzha during the greatest festive season of Kerala, the Onam. BOTEL has imbibed the ideal eco friendly culture of Alappuzha, which uses solar energy for power. No petroleum products that will pollute water! This is one more reason that makes a luxury cruise on board the BOTEL all the more special. Alappuzha is blessed with an eco friendly culture, which is reflected in their development of coir products.

Kerala’s one and only unsinkable houseboat BOTEL is the brainchild of the visionary mariner Mr. Sohan Roy, CEO of Aries Group of Companies.

Houseboat Kerala